ADA Inspired Locks

ada Inspired locks

Zephyr Lock offers a full line of ADA Compliant Locks including a built-in vertical dead bolt key lock, two electronic locks, and four types of built-in combination locks.

Built-in Locks

ada Inspired locks

Zephyr built-in combination locks are the perfect choice for schools, locker rooms, clubs, fitness centers, employee rooms, and other facilities where lockers are assigned to specific users. They provide heavy duty security on all locker types, including metal, wood, phenolic, and plastic lockers.

Combination Locks

ada Inspired locks

Designed for flexibility and durability, our variety of specialty locks are great for any locker type, including steel, wood, phenolic, and plastic. Zephyr combination padlocks are available with and without supervisory capability, and steel laminated padlocks are available by key access or combination.

Electronic Locks

ada Inspired locks

Zephyr Lock offers three electronic locks, which are some of our most secure and versatile locks. They can be used in a variety of applications including standard metal, gravity latch, phenolic, wood, and ADA compliant lockers.